Saturday, June 9, 2018

Top 10 Summer Health Tips

1. Hydrate

The benefits of hydration are plentiful. Drinking the recommended eight to ten glasses of water a day can help prevent illness, keep your bones and muscles healthy, help you maintain your weight, improve brain function and best of all, fuel your activities throughout the day! This summer, make water an essential part of your day and never leave home without it.

2. Eat Fresh

Summer means fresh produce! Visit your local farmers’ market or grocery store and you’ll see healthy fruits and vegetables of every color. Reserve a place on your plate every meal for fresh produce and you’re sure to reap the tasty rewards.summer time is the best time to have smoothies to make a tasty fresh smoothies make sure you have a masticating juicer ready at kitchen.

3.      Transform Activities into Exercise
Warm summer weather means that you can spend a lot of time outdoors being active Regular exercise has been shown to improve heart health, reduce pain and improve stress. Turn simple activities like going to the zoo or visiting a park into exercise by using the stairs, taking the long route or even adding in some stretches and strengthening exercises along the way!

4.      Lifestyle Modification
The summer is a great time to think healthy. The nice weather means you can get outside and start exercising or take pleasure in a new sport, club or activity. New social settings and activities will keep you busy as you try to quit smoking. Also, visit your local farmers’ market to kick-start a new healthy eating plan.

5. See Your Doctor
If you have nagging pains from the winter and spring, seeing your pain doctor is important. You want to feel at your best during the summer months so you can enjoy all of the pleasure summertime offers, like parades, fairs and fun! Schedule an appointment for a check- up to make sure pain or injury doesn’t sideline you this summer.

6. Stay Shady
We all love the summer heat, but it is important to stay in the shade whenever possible. Try to limit your time in the direct sunshine between 10am and 4pm, when UV exposure is at its peak. If you are going to be outside, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure. It is also a good idea to wear a hat and sunglasses whenever possible.

7.    Plan a Personal Vacation
A vacation to get away from work or obligations is a must this summer to re-energize and re-fuel. Whether you take a long weekend at the beach or stay around the house to enjoy a book and coffee on the porch, take some ‘you’ time this summer to relax and rejuvenate.

 8. Disconnect

Disconnect from the internet, put down those smart phones and see a world without selfies, hashtags and videos. Enjoy life without technology and engage in conversations and activities that encourage socialization with other people.

9. Sleep Well
Sleep plays a vital role in your health and well-being. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental and physical health, safety and quality of life.

10. Stay Cool

When it’s hot, do what you can to stay cool! Give your oven a summer vacation to keep your kitchen cool and opt instead for a meal made outside on the barbeque. Go swimming at your neighborhood pool and visit local air-conditioned attractions.